Saturday, May 4, 2013

What Are You Doing ?

Kids are great.


I often see my children doing things and wonder this blog post title question aloud.  The answers I get from my kids are almost always amusing, while also often being remarkably poignant.

Here is a picture I took of Myra, who was using a toy mirror to "yook at mah teef an' see if dey are why my mouf huwts."

I did not see that the toy she was holding was a mirror, so it was odd to me that she was making such silly faces while staring intently at a toy.
When I asked her what she was doing, her reply was as I typed it above (I've tried to match the phonetic spelling as best I can to capture the way she said it ... keeping in mind that she was still making the faces in the mirror as she explained to me what she was doing).

This was one of those "sometimes" when kids are great.  If only for the entertainment value they provide with their creative view of the world.

Song Of the Day:
I agree with the late Whitney Houston when she sang that "the children are the future" and that we need to "teach them well and let them lead the way."  Of course these are lines from her song "Greatest Love Of All" and I think the love of a parent to their child certainly is the greatest love of all.


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