Sunday, May 5, 2013

Why DO You Dress Like That ?

I love the change of seasons, especially coming out of the Winter time and into Spring and Summer.  The trees start to flower.  The grass starts to grow again.  Different frangrances and aromas fill the air.  The temperature gets warmer.  The days get longer.  People are outside more often, if only to work in their yards.

And clothing styles (and amounts) change.

Winter brings with it more and more layers of clothing, to keep the body warm and safe.  Spring retains full body clothing coverage, because the temperatures still swing wildly and at a moment's notice.  But the closer summer gets, the less material that is worn and the more skin sees the sunlight.

EVERY year this causes the same question to cross my mind.  This may be sexist, but the post title question is directed specifically at women who choose to wear very revealing attire, often using the warm weather to justify their clothing selection.  Often, if the clothing is not immodest in terms of lack of material, it is revealing in terms of the tightness of it's fit and/or shape-hugging style.

Now as a man, I cannot honestly say that I have never taken notice of these women.  But my issue is that you're deliberately wearing that outfit to attract attention and focus it very specifically on certain assets that you possess.  It is a disappointment to see that, but is illogical and arguably ridiculous when these same women complain that men treat them as a sex object or look at them with wanton eyes.

What do you expect when you try to put everything out there for show?  Are you honestly going to try and tell me that you chose that outfit because it's "comfortable" to wear?!  You spent 20 minutes wriggling into those pants because they feel good ?!  You constantly pull and push and readjust your top, yet expect me to believe that you picked the right size and style?!

Let's be honest with ourselves here.  You like the way the clothes you wear make you look.  You like the way they make you feel.  AND most of all you like the fact that your attire catches and holds the eyes of men around you.

My final thought is this ... you may feel an initial boost in self-confidence as you wear these clothes.  You may even use these clothes as motivation to improve your overall physique and health.  But I promise you that you WILL lessen the value of yourself as a whole person if you place so much emphasis on wearing immodest clothing.  You will NOT be treated as anything more than a sex object if you do not avoid dressing like one.

Song Of the Day:
Many songs crossed my mind while writing this post, but I've landed on "Rebel Yell" by Billy Idol for one simple reason: in the song, the lyrics include the refrain "in the midnight hour, she cries 'More, more, more'" and that is my biggest issue with revealing clothing.  It starts small and simple but eventually the desire increases and you'll try to push the limits even further.  You'll always seek to gain more attention and eventually you'll run out of skin to show.  You may begin to cover up again and dress more modestly after that happens but your dignity will be damaged forever.


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