Sunday, May 19, 2013

Is There A Murphy's Law At The Movies ?

Yesterday morning, nice and early, I went to a local Wal-Mart to wait in line to purchase tickets to a special advance screening of the new Superman movie coming out this summer.  I arrived a little later than I planned, about 6:15am, but there were only two people ahead of me in line ... and they were my recently married friends Greg and Erin.

It was almost 7:30am before the next individual, who was not part of our super-eager group, arrived.  In that sense, we wasted about an hour of time by being there that early.  Sadly, this has become more of a regular occurrence as related to waiting in line for movies, or tickets for movies.

On the contrary, whenever I have decided not to start waiting so early for movie-related things, I end up being much further back in the line than I thought I would.

I just can't seem to get it right!

So I'm wondering if this is the same kind of Murphy's Law that applies to a variety of other scenarios.  A few examples would include the lane of traffic I select on a busy highway or the check-out line I decide to wait in at the grocery store.
I think I'm one of those people who always seems to pick the wrong line, lane, or time.

Song Of The Day:
The video to this song by Alien Ant Farm is just a great one to watch if you can spare the time, with lots of nods to the history of cinema.  The song "Movies" came to mind this morning as I waited in a line that shouldn't have been started nearly as early as it formed.  It was still fun hanging out with some friends I don't see as often as I'd like, which made it worthwhile no matter how tired I was.  :)


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