Monday, May 20, 2013

So You're Bald ... Again ?!

I am one of those husbands who checks in with his wife before doing certain things, even though she almost always tells me she has no preference.  One of these "things" is the hairstyle I am going to wear for the next little while.  I've blogged before about being unable to find a look that sticks for very long ... but I cannot recall writing about my preference to be bald or clean-shaven on top.

I love the low-maintenance of a 'no hair' hairstyle!

I do not hate having hair and I am not an unclean person.  But there are just certain situations where not having to worry about your hair is a BIG advantage.

A few off the top of my head (pun intended):
 - Camping.  Sure you can wear hats while you camp, but I'm not really a big 'hat' guy.  I wear them, but mostly just when I need to cover my head from a possible sunburn.  But with 'no hair' you can just lather on sunscreen every few hours and avoid that weird hat line across your forehead.
 - While Doing Yardwork.  I have LOTS of landscaping stuff going on at my house now, and the absence of hair (and/or a hat) is so nice.  If it gets really hot, you can just spray your whole head with the hose ... voila!  Clean!  And protecting from a sunburn is also much easier.

Scary grin I must say!
 - For Early Morning Events.  Truth is, no matter how clean your hair is, 'bed head' is very hard to mask (at least with my hair anyway).  But shave it all off and ... ahhhhhh ... a little water in your palm, quick rub of the scalp, dry off and GO!
 - Driving In The Car With The Windows Down.  I have no a/c in my car, so it's 'windows down' during the summer.  Your hair can't get that weird windblown look if it's GONE!  So very nice!

So thanks to my wife for supporting my clean-shaven head look.  I patiently waited for our family pictures before cleansing the palette.  What do you think of the look?

Song Of The Day:
Many love songs are about lost love or broken relationships where someone misses someone else.  "Lost" by Little Big Town is one of these types of songs.  But I am using it today even though I am not lost without my hair ... instead, I feel the opposite ... I've been lost without my hair-free scalp.
It's good to see you again my bald friend!  :)


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