Sunday, May 26, 2013

Why Did I Take THAT Picture ?

Cell phones are pretty amazing.  Not only can you call and talk to a person literally anywhere else in the world, but you can do LOTS of other things in between those important phone calls.  Like ... taking pictures.

I didn't take very many pictures with my first two cell phones, mostly because the picture quality was not very good.  Enter smart phones and my iPhone ... and now I take pictures almost every day.  Even more once I realized how you can go straight to the camera from the lock screen.

Some pictures are specifically for future Blog Posts.  Some pictures are to remember a special moment.  Some pictures are because it is easier than writing a bunch of information down.

But some pictures ... well, some pictures I have no real idea why I have them in my phone.  I truly need to just delete them, but I feel this nagging sense that I will need them again at some future point ... which will only come to my mind the very moment AFTER I remove them from my phone memory.

Here are a few of those pictures and my attempt at explaining why I think I took the photo:

I think I thought the clouds
looked cool ... maybe?
This is from a while ago
because Myra hasn't had
bottles in over a year.

First time filling up the
new van was expensive!
I think this is where we hid
Easter Eggs for the kids in Alabama

It's potato soup ... but why
did I need a picture of it ?
Not a bird.  Spencer.
Not cool man, not cool!

I'm sure I planned a
blog post for this ...
Song Of The Day:
As you've seen, my motivation to take a picture often comes from a variety of sources and situations.  The Chicago song "You're The Inspiration" is my nod to those circumstances which inspire me to snap a picture.


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