Friday, May 3, 2013

What Do You Want To Learn About ?

These days our lives are so filled with things to do that we often feel like we just have no time at all for the pursuit of our own passions.  But I have found a way to keep myself from accepting that "well if I had time I would" excuse.

One of my passions is learning.  I love to learn.  I love that feeling that I still get when something confusing or unknown becomes clear or known.  There is gratification for me in gaining answers to my multitude of questions.  There is also satisfaction in not feeling like I am making things up when I am talking about a variety of subjects.

Several years ago I began keeping a running list of subjects I want to learn more about.  The list ranges all over ... from specific things (how does blowing out a sprinkler system work? and can I do it on my own with the right tools?) ... to general or very broad subjects (auto mechanics; how do engines work? why does my engine make that sound?)

I have recently begun copying this list over to my iPhone, so that I can have the subjects with me everywhere I go.  When I find myself waiting somewhere (an example would be between band performances yesterday evening), I can access the web and research / read about one of the subjects I have listed.  I will certainly become no expert through this process, but I have worked through several dozen questions and subjects in the last few years.

I also love being able to add things to the list and then not worry about them again until I have time to learn about them.  Even just putting the thought on the list makes me feel better because I know I will get to it eventually.

Song Of The Day:
When I think about learning I think about my earliest education: Kindergarten.  We learned numbers and letters and how to share, etc.  The 80's group ABC comes to mind and their tune "Be Near Me" is one of my favorites.  So the group's name is the only real tie in with the post.  But now you know ... See?  You learned something.  Wasn't that fun?!  :)


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