Thursday, May 16, 2013

When Are You Too Old To Have A Snack Lunch ?

Today, like many days, I did not plan adequately for lunch.  I just did not leave enough time for myself between work and errands to eat a proper meal.  Considering I only have to have "three squares a day" this should not happen as often as it does.

This is NOT a smart lunch
This marks at least the 4th time in less than two weeks when I ate what could barely be considered an acceptable "meal" for lunch.  Here are the recent examples:
 - three large handfuls of Mountain Man trail mix (3 kinds of nuts, raisins, M and Ms) and about 16 ounces of water
 - two chocolate covered granola bars, one 50-calorie fruit cup, and a snack size bag of cheetos, with a can of lemon-lime soda
 - about 50 pieces of pepperoni sandwiched between about 30 wheat thins crackers and doused with a 12-ounce grape soda
 - one donut (apple fritter) and some ritz crackers ... and another donut (maple glazed) with about a pint of chocolate milk

As I finished my "lunch" today it occurred to me that I have eaten these kinds of lunches before ... in high school and my early college years.  I think at those times it was probably more acceptable and didn't likely do much damage.  But now ... well I'm really just getting too old for this to happen.  Even occasionally, this kind of unhealthy eating should be phased out if I intend to live past retirement.

Song Of the Day:
I don't think it's too much of a stretch to say that my bad lunchtime habits could be considered my "Dark Side" although I am certain that's not what Kelly Clarkson intended to sing about here.  It's a great song though so enjoy.




  2. Thanks Ryan! I tend to agree! :)