Sunday, March 17, 2013

Do You Play The Piano ?

One of my great disappointments (which I could rectify, but know I won't) in life is that I do not know how to play the piano.  Or any instrument for that matter.  But piano music is one of my favorite styles, whether it be complemented by human voices or an orchestra, or is the single sound piercing through the air.

I chose the 'learn to sing' path in junior high and high school.  Some would argue I didn't learn much about singing during those years.  I might agree with those folks most of the time.

My mother taught piano for years growing up, but she (probably very wisely) did not want to teach me or any of her own children how to play.  I know if I had expressed an interest she would have coordinated lessons for me and I could have invested countless hours learning to play scales and read music (which I can mostly do now anyway) and practicing, practicing, practicing.  But I did not express any interest then and as an adult I do not have the commitment to start at the beginning.

Judge away, I don't mind.  I have come to grips with my non-piano-playing life and I am mostly content with it (I can't say 'content' by itself after starting this blog post by listing the non-piano-playing situation as one of my great disappointments in life now can I?!)

Instead, I support my wife in her gentle pushing of some of our children to learn to play.  Thus far 2 of the 7 kids have taken (or are taking) lessons.  Hopefully most of the others follow suit.  My oldest has moved on to the trumpet, which I admire him greatly for learning.

Hats off to you piano players!  Your talents bless the lives of many and even if you're a bit rusty, take comfort in knowing you can bring beautiful melodies and harmonies to life on an awesome set of ivories!

Song Of The Day:
There may not be a better day of the week to listen to classical music than the Sabbath.  Not all classical music has the most positive or spiritually uplifting themes, but many pieces can inspire deep reflection and the pondering of life's great mysteries.  And some, like Mozart's "Piano Concerto No. 8" are just a delight to listen to!  This is just the first movement from that concerto, but it has recently become one of my favorites.


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