Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Is It Time For Some Random Pics?

Yes, I think it is.

Here are some pictures from our first few days of Spring Break.

Savannah and Cat "Strike a Pose"

Captain Goofball at yer service!

Not sure why but there was lots of "spanking" on this trip

Just.  Look.  At.  All.  Those.  KIDS !

Josh & Kevin doing some side-planking

Myra and mommy (whose smile is being faked?)  :)

Yay!  Finally some age-appropriate toys!  :)

And this was the "serious" picture pose!

Karen and Amy spent LOTS of time in the kitchen

(I wanted to just insert a link to my Facebook page here ... But I can't figure out how to do so from an iPad or iPhone ... Sheesh this should be easier)

Song of the Day:
I've always liked the song "Take My Picture" by Filter.  I think it definitely applies for this post, especially Catalina's pose as the Statue Of Liberty!  :)


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