Saturday, March 2, 2013

Do You Prefer Feast Or Famine ?

Some days there is just not enough time to do it all.  On other days, there seems to be plenty of time with no real rush to get anything done.  There is never an absence of work (for me anyway) but there are some wide swings in the level of urgency regarding the work that I do.  Calls need to be reviewed, audited, analyzed, and sent for coaching.  Plans need to be made for future meetings (with my team, with various site committees, etc.).  Training needs to be completed.  And so on.

More often than not, these activities have a short turnaround time or deadline that creates a sense of urgency to completing the tasks.  I think of those as "feast" times, when there is so much to do that you have to work hard and smart to fit it all in.

But sometimes, nothing is really "due" for days or weeks.  There is a "famine" on urgent work, despite long "To Do" lists.  These times are nice periodically, especially at the end of a very LONG week filled with "feast" days.  But too many of them, or too many "famine" hours in one full day, can be more of a drain on me than the crazy-busy "feast" times.

I derive some of my energy from other people, but most comes from completing tasks and moving things forward.  I think that is why I secretly dread "famine" times.  Because at least when I am exhausted at the end of a "feast" day, I know it is because I urgently squeezed in so many tasks for that day - it was a good, productive, exhausting day.  But when I'm tired or worn out from a "famine" day, there is nothing to look back on and feel any real sense of pride about ... but I'm still exhausted!

Song Of The Day:
I absolutely love the original version of this song by Fun.  But when I heard this cover by Jake Coco, I fell in love with the song in a different way.  So when the feast is too heavy or the famine is slowly draining you, choose to "Carry On" and it will even out soon!


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