Saturday, March 16, 2013

Have You Checked At The Library ?

Did you know that the local public library has a great selection of books on CD !!!

I am not sure why the idea never came to me in the first place, other than the fact that our family never seems to go to anywhere BUT the children's section of the library.

There is a HUGE section of several hundred (maybe even a thousand or more) books on CD.  And they are not just old, outdated ones.  Most of them are books that have been written or become popular within the last 5 years, although there are plenty of classics available too.

Shout out to our home teacher (from church) James N, for the idea.  You see, I had explained to him how I like to drive through the night on long road trips, so that 8-10 hours of the drive are spent with the kids sleeping.  This saves on whining, hotel stays, and on meals at fast food places.  And, it allows me to get some "reading" in ... because I listen to books on CD while driving (in the wee hours between 10pm and 8am).  As long as the book is interesting (like a murder mystery or spy thriller or even a love story that has a good will they or won't they plot), I can stay awake perfectly during the dark of the night.  Secretly, I love this kind of driving because I don't have to hear people ask for food, water, pit stops, entertainment, or otherwise.

Anyway, James offered a few titles he has on CD, but then asked if I had checked the library.  What a brilliant idea!  Best of all, I now know of about a dozen books available on CD which I can listen to in my car on the drive to work and home.  So after our "Gulf Coast" trip, I plan to stop by the library every few weeks and get another book to listen to.  This is gonna be great!

Song Of The Day:
One of my mom's favorite artists from years ago is Barry Manilow.  Despite some odd dislike from the general population (which I think many great artists face), I've found many of his tunes to be very good to listen to and enjoy.
"A Little Traveling Music Please" is a song that I heard long ago, but I'm not sure when.  I've included it on personal mix tapes I made and on a CD of music for road trips.  I hope you give it a chance.  :)


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