Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ever Have An Excellent Adventure ?

About a week ago, I introduced my kids to the wonderful world of the 1980's through a very special and poignant film.  This masterpiece of a movie embodied all the hopes for a brighter future and all the pop culture phenomenon of that bodacious decade.  The film was definitely a hit, although there were several words and situations that required special explanation for my kids.  Heinous.  Tubular.  Non-triumphant.

So if you need a blast from the past, to a simpler if not stupider time (and yes I did just totally misappropriate those made-up words) ... may I recommend that you take your kids on an excellent adventure?  Perhaps you can even follow up with a bogus journey.  :)

Song Of The Day:
No matter how sarcastic the above post might be, the music from the movie was actually not bad at all.  Sure you probably cannot name one song from the soundtrack, but that is a real shame.  My favorite song from the movie is
"In Time" by Robbie Rob.  It is actually pretty excellent.


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