Friday, March 15, 2013

Why Do Some Memories Stick So Permanently ?

We all have memories that stick with us.  Of course the first kind you think about are probably special memories or experiences you had with people you really cared about.  I understand why those memories stick with us.  There's a natural reasoning for that.

I'm wondering about random situations that cause very specific memories to come to mind, but these are not important for any particular reason.

Do you have these or is it just me?

Every time I am sitting in a meeting at work, I remember vividly a conversation with a former manager of mine.  He told me that when he gets bored in a meeting he will play with his belly button.  Now why on earth would I remember that?!

There is a certain road I drive down about once a month (if that often).  Every single time I drive on that road, I remember a time on my mission (in Los Angeles) when I was driving through some puddles in the rain and inadvertantly splashed this cat with a HUGE wave.  No significance to anything, right?!

When I hear today's song of the day, it always takes me back to when I was barely a teenager, living in Greeley, CO.  I can clearly remember the way my room was set up and how I used to look out the window just daydreaming.  I know songs can bring back memories, but there was nothing particularly special about daydreaming in that house in those days.  It's just weird to me.

So why do some, seemingly worthless, memories just become permanently etched in our minds?  I worry that there is some "save the world" reason for these, but I can't piece them together at all yet.

Song Of The Day:
This song is just the song for today because it is one of the songs that always takes me back to the same (plain) moment in time in my life.  "Cherish" by Madonna wasn't even my favorite song back in my Junior High and High School days.  But more than any other song, it conjures clear images of days gone by ... but not necessarily any specific, or rather important, experiences.


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