Sunday, March 3, 2013

Do You Need More Spoons ?

That was the question the very nice employee from Freddy's asked me, to which I replied "Yes, thank you again."

The rest of the story is historical in nature, but helps explain why her question was actually great customer service turning into an amazing customer experience.

After several hours of moving things out from my parent's house to our place (they have moved to AZ but still have lots of things they are "gifting" to myself and other family members), it was time to take a load of clothes and other assorted items to Goodwill.  On that trip, my dad and I realized we were ready for dinner, so we coordinated with our respective wives and then we eventually agreed to eat at Freddy's Steakburgers (a nice semi-fast-food restaurant just up the road from our house).

Our "party" had 12 people in it (of course 9 of those are just me, my wife, and our kids), so we had to pull four smaller tables together, which caused no small commotion in their mostly packed seating area.  In short order we downed our thin, delicious fries and tasty steakburgers and hot dogs, while the employees all worked together to clear our baskets, etc.  This is the norm at this place, which is why I really like eating there.  As we were wrapping up to the "chatting" portion of our experience, one employee came over with a large dessert (I don't know the name but it had peanut butter, chocolate, and bananas, in vanilla custard or ice cream).  She stated that they had made one of these for another customer who didn't end up wanting it.  She thought we could all enjoy a bite or two didn't want it to go to waste.  I am convinced that they actually made it for our group and concocted a story to be able to deliver it, but either way it was a very cool thing to do!

Kudos to you Freddy's for turning an already decent dining experience into a story I will tell everyone I know about for months to come.  You've made a fan for life (and I already liked you pretty well anyway!)

Song Of The Day:
It would be near blasphemy to have eaten at a place called Freddy's and not have the song of the day be something by Queen, whose lead singer was, of course, Freddy Mercury.  There are so many songs to choose from, but for this experience I went with "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" for two reasons: first, I just LOVE the experience we had eating at Freddy's; and second, the style of the song is more 50's diner and that is a good approximation of the atmosphere and service I feel I get at Freddy's.


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