Friday, March 29, 2013

Why Are Those Angels So LOUD ?!

On Thursday we spent almost the whole day in Pensacola, FL.  It would have been the whole day but we're still on the 3 1/2 hour timeline for travel (see my prior blog post for any needed clarification).

We were fortunate to catch the Blue Angels for their flight practice (which is more like a demonstration because there are always huge crowds to watch the 'show').  Several things were amusing about the show (if you look closely at the photo to the right you will see a vendor selling coffee, water, danish, and ... earplugs! ), but the sheer volume (sound, not mass) of the planes was by far the most noteworthy!

Every year for the Air Force Academy graduation, I have the privilege of watching the Thunderbirds perform their air show for the Cadets and their families.  But even up fairly close, the sound never seemed anywhere nearly as loud as these aircraft.  I thought my ears would actually start bleeding.  I was holding a clingy Myra to my chest while she covered her ears with both hands ...
but who was going to hold me and cover MY ears?!  :)

Song of the Day:
I'm not sure that it was ever released for radio play, but "Hear You Me" by Jimmy Eat World is a great song that actually references angels, asking in somewhat prayer-like fashion "may angels lead you in."  Although loud, these 'angels' were a great lead in for the day!


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