Saturday, March 30, 2013

Could We Finally Get ONE Good Sunset Picture ?!

One of the things Karen and I have struggled with, in all of our many vacations, is getting a good picture of the two of us with a nice sunset in the background.

We tried on our cruise last February.  Each night got more cloudy.

We tried on our cruise in September.  A variety of circumstances kept us from being on the right deck with a view of the sunset on each night (other people, late dinner time, exhaustion, good movies / entertainment, etc.)

Our trip, as a family, to Thermopolis, WY, also ended without a sunset photo.

And that's just in 2012!

This has become more of a quest than just a punch line or inside joke.

But last night we actually got a few very good photos with an amazing sunset over the ocean in the Gulf of Mexico.  It took a near miracle and some aggressive driving by my buddy Kevin, but we got it done!  Finally!

Our faces might not be as clear as I'd like ...
but this is still a very good picture I think!

Amy & Kevin (and Ethan)
Josh & Karen (and Spencer)

Song of the Day:
An apropos song if there ever was one, "At Last" by Etta James is THE song for today!  Just a perfect title for 'the wait finally being over'.


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