Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What's This ?!

Is it art?

Is it trash?

Where did it come from?

Does it have some special meaning?

The answers you seek are all very simple.  But not very amazing.  Sorry.

This is what happens when a glob of solder (pronounced saw-der if you didn't know) drips from about 8 feet up and lands on a cold, cement floor.  After it dries and cools, it is almost like plastic and aluminum foil combined.  Flexible, yet hard.  Thin, yet heavy.  Simple, but also kinda cool.

At least we fixed the leaking pipe ... eventually.  :)

Song Of the Day:
It's hard to find a better song for this blog title than one of the exact same name.  "What's This?" from the movie Nightmare Before Christmas is a very catchy tune, although I've never seen the movie.  I know the song has nothing to do with solder, but c'mon ... it totally matches the blog post title!


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