Thursday, March 28, 2013

Can A Change If Plans Turn Out Better Than The Originals ?

Yesterday had some vacation 'challenges' to say the least.  Best laid plans had little chance of success because ... it just takes longer when you're preparing, transporting, and sight-seeing with 20 people!

But, after some good open dialogue (the right kind of communication always makes things better, thanks Kevin A for suggesting it), the second half of the day went quite well.  Kids were super happy (beach time, morning hikes, pizza and movie night).  Adults got to do things they wanted to (beach, exercising, eating delicious homemade pizza, playing board games).  For me anyway, the day was darn near perfection for a vacation experience.

So it got me to wondering ... do we sometimes over plan things?  And would life be much better and/or easier if we only made partial plans and let the rest of life just fall into place wherever it may? I am a meticulous planner by nature, but there was something liberating about choosing to modify all of our afternevening plans yesterday.

I am positive my 13-year old son will not speak to me for
weeks after posting this picture.  The things boys will do
for attention from cute girls!  Josh Jr took it like a man!  :)

Song of the Day:
Sometimes inside jokes are the best kind of humor.  And in honor of that, today's song is "Something To Talk About" by Bonnie Raitt.  And the inside joke has to do with exercising ... and that should be enough to remember the hilarity that ensued yesterday as plans changed and laughter resolved conflict.
Beautiful humor.


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  1. Next time I am going with you all!!! You are having so much fun!!! Thanks again for letting my boy go!