Saturday, March 9, 2013

Wanna See Pictures From Our Disney Cruise ?

Last September, Karen and I went on a Disney cruise (on a whim) with my parents, my younger brother and his wife, and my older brother.  The "Case Crew 7" stormed that Disney Fantasy ship with reckless abandon (actually we just played lots of cards in oareas, which did attract quite a crowd at times).

The view of the sunset from
the upper deck of the Disney Fantasy
(on our 2nd night of the cruise)
This blog isn't going to spill all the stories from that experience, but the pictures in the song of the day below at least show you some of the beautiful ocean and beach vistas we enjoyed.  I'm sure I'll blog more in the next week or so about the cruise, but for now enjoy the calming musicgreat pictures (mostly Karen's great photography).

Song Of The Day:
Here's the video "The Sands Of Ocho Rios" from my Sunset CD (it's a Lifescapes CD like those nature sounds ones that you can buy from Wal-Mart, etc.)  I've always enjoyed the relaxing sounds of the ocean in the background of this song ... and I enjoyed those sounds on our cruise too!


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