Thursday, October 6, 2011

Did I Imagine It ?!

Today was my oldest son's 12th birthday ...
Happy Birthday Josh Jr.

So while Karen was away at a "girl's night" event, Josh Jr and I watched the original Karate Kid (starring Ralph Macchio ... with Elisabeth Shue as the love interest).  It was fun to watch with my son and see his reactions to a film that was pretty cool back in my day.

But the ending left me asking "WHAT?!"

There is all this build up and then the fight with the "bad guy" is over in just a matter of minutes.  And the "bad guy" brings the trophy over to Daniel-san and says "Hey Larusso, you're all right" and then ... it ... just ... ends.

What happened to the scene in the parking lot with the evil Sensei who berates the Cobra Kai from his dojo only to be stopped short of doing something terrible by, none other than, Mr Miyagi?!

Did I just imagine that ending?!  Or did we get some crappy copy of the movie that cut out what ended up being my favorite part?!

The "birthday" boy young man

My wife said that she thinks that is the opening scene in the second movie ... which might be true ... but darnit if that wasn't the "cool ending" I had kinda been prepping Josh Jr for during our watching of this film.  And then when it just ended I was appalled ... and I'm afraid I ruined the "happy ending" for my son by shouting at the TV saying "Where's the rest?!"



  1. Yes...that is the start of the second movie. We have the series. My kids love it. :)

  2. I agree that the ending to "Karate Kid" is a little abrupt, and I think they should have taken the opening part from "Karate Kid II" and added it to the end of the original movie, like as a "special edition" or "director's cut"...