Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Can I do this in ONE wipe ?!

While playing games with our good friends Aaron and Britney Summers a few Saturdays ago, we (Aaron and I) realized we had another odd thing in common and I got to wondering if it was maybe a "guy thing" since neither Karen or Britney seemed to be with us.

Aaron and I both find it to be a sort of challenge to try and change a dirty
(see: poopy) diaper with only one wipe !!!

We talked about this at length (much to the disdain of the ladies) down to the specific details that we also share commonalities on.
We both:
 - fold the wipe over dozens of times.
 - feel like we've failed when we have to get a second wipe, even if it's clearly not going to happen with just one.
 - experienced a change after the first child with this (we did not care how many wipes it took to begin with, but after a few more kids it became a game of "beat the wipes" or something).
 - agree that boys are much easier to get one-wipe wins against, because with girls the "stuff" is not just on the outside of things.

So my manly men readers who dare to admit this ... are you a one-wipe competitor?  Or do you side with the ladies who will use 100 wipes as long as "it" doesn't have to come close to their hands?  (And then they still obsess about excessive hand-washing afterward, even if they used 100 wipes!  I'm all about washing your hands after changing a diaper ... but it's not like you're headed into surgery!)


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