Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Toilet Paper Inequality ?!

Disclaimer:  This blog post is intended to be mostly sarcastic and with a mock sense of seriousness.  I do NOT intend to create a war of the sexes, but it's not worth blogging about if I can't poke fun at the differences among us!  I apologize in advance for anyone I might offend with my attempt at humor.

I have now confirmed the following with at least two different men who can back me up on this:
Women use WAY more toilet paper, yet MEN still change just as many rolls on the toilet paper dispenser.

This is a gross injustice of responsibility
based on proportions of usage and need!

I should not have to change the toilet paper roll except maybe once per month!  Instead it is at least once every two or three times that I "sit" at the toilet.

In the soon-to-be-famous words of my 8-year old daughter Brooklyn ...
That's not fair!

I respect that women need toilet paper EVERY time they use the bathroom.  That is not my complaint.  They also use more shampoo and soap and other "things."  Also, not a problem or something I would ever complain about.  Most men use more razors than women because they shave their face every day.  No sense being upset about any of these differences.

MY problem is ... why am I seemingly always changing the toilet paper roll EVERY time I need to sit?!  I just changed it the last time I sat!  Or the time before that!  How does it always run out when I'm using it ... especially if I never use very much?!  It's like the trash can being just full enough to bag and take out as soon as I have something to throw away.
Where's my justice?!


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