Thursday, October 20, 2011

Got A Capella ?!

Last night was AWESOME !!!

For my birthday (it was in September, not yesterday), my mother and brother (and dad I guess, but fathers never really know what they got someone for a gift) bought me tickets to the Straight No Chaser concert at the Pikes Peak Theater here in Colorado Springs, CO.

I could blog for hours on the event, but I'll summarize it's absolute amazingness with the following bullet pointed list:
 - The "mash-ups" (combinations of two or more songs) were unexpected, clever, and masterfully done!  Best example: Billie Jean (by Michael Jackson) and Poison (by Bell Biv Devoe)
 - The "talk" in between music was funny, engaging, and enhanced the overall experience.  Best part: When one person shared the secret password at the Air Force Academy Subway restaurant - Eaglebeak.
 - The "variety" of songs was balanced, thoughtful, and delighted the whole audience.  But what would you expect when the title of the tour is "Songs of the Decades" ?!  It was still impressive.
 - The harmonies and overall sound was transcendent!  Two Best examples: an otherworldly, slow, spiritually inspirational version of Madonna's "Like a Prayer" ... and ... another song that I'd never heard before about following the light toward heaven ... which made me literally CRY !!!

As I told Karen on the way back to our car after the concert ... this was the BEST birthday gift I have ever received that was NOT from Karen ('cause her gifts are always the best no matter what 'cause she's awesome!)


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