Monday, October 17, 2011

What is that guy doing ?!

I am certain that was the thought of many of my fellow motorists this past Saturday afternoon as I was driving home from work.

These pictures will explain a little about why I think that.

I currently have no windshield wiper blade on the passenger side of my car.  This forced me to drive home with the "arm" in an upright position (as you see it in the pictures above).  It is most amusing when I had to actually use the windshield wiper (not wiperS 'cause I only had one!) except that it kinda looked like the arm was either waving at or flipping people off.

The wiper blade currently on the driver side is actually the one that is supposed to be on the passenger side.  Here's the story why:  I came out to my car at work and noticed (as I was wiping snow off the windshield) that the pin which holds the wiper blade on the arm was missing.  This left me with only two options: call for help, or get creative.  So I swapped the smaller wiper blade from the passenger side to the driver side (so I'd be able to at least see out of part of the windshield).  I then lifted the arm of the passenger side windshield wiper in the upright position (see the pictures if this sounds confusing).  I tested "running" the wipers and it looked like they would hold.

What an odd experience to drive cautiously over all the bumps and the road while only sporadically using the wipers, for fear that the arm would spring back down and scrape the windshield!


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  1. Man, you are so creative when it comes to doing repairs on your car! Very innovative!