Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Is the grass really greener over there ?

I received a very nice compliment today from an employee that used to report to me.  She said that I was the best boss she had ever worked for and that she realized it rather quickly after leaving my team.  (Side note: I usually hate to say "my team" because it's really our team, I just happen to be the person whose title puts him in charge of the team.)

She went on to say that the grass is never really any greener "over there" and concluded with "You never really know what you have until it's gone."

I do not write this to brag or boast.  I'm not trying to pat myself on the back or anything of the sort.  If that is what you think then you must not know me at all.

I AM trying to point out that as a "Boss" (I hate that term too!) that is about the best kind of compliment you can receive from a former direct report.  So if your current "boss" is pretty darn good, take the time to tell her (or him) with a heartfelt and sincere "Thanks."  Be specific.  Be honest.  Be complimentary in a way that you know your boss will receive the message.  Reward the positive behavior and it will continue.

Shout out of thanks to my current team for the delicious cake and pie today to celebrate "Bosses Day" (which was technically Sunday, but today was my first work day this week).


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  1. So true!! I'm glad that people recognize and realize how valuable you are!! You are a great boss...From "Upper Case" to "Lower Case" :)