Sunday, October 23, 2011

Why did the music stop ?

Last night we hung out with three other adult couples (there was a surprise birthday party beforehand with two additional families and 27 total kids ... in one house!) after we had all put our kiddos to bed.

The game-playing was to be at our good friends' (The Summers) house, which is maybe 3/4 of a mile away from our house (1/2 a mile if we take the shortcut through our neighborhood).  Being as the night was nice (still chilly, but not freezing), Karen and I decided to walk back to their house for the games.

And I had a brilliant idea!

I decided that it was worthwhile to carry our new iPad while we walked, with the goal of listening to Christmas music (Jazz Holidays on the Pandora radio app).  And it was great to have our own soundtrack as we merrily (pun intended!) walked on our way.

But then, in the middle of the street, and with the iPad safely cradled in my arms, the music ... just ... stopped.

I started freaking out.  Karen kept on walking ('cause it was a big hill and she didn't want to lose our momentum) while I carefully opened the cover to see what had happened.  The app was still open and nothing seemed to be amiss ... and then it hit me!  We were no longer connected to WiFi @ our house!

I laughed and laughed about how silly I was for not thinking ahead of time that that was going to happen.  I knew our WiFi wouldn't carry us all the way to the Summers' house, but it didn't dawn on me until it actually, randomly happened!

**On a side note: Aaron logged me in to the WiFi @ his house and it lasted much longer from his connection than ours did!


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