Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Why do I hate IHOP ? (Just for yesterday).

My in-laws decided to take my whole family (all 8 of us) to IHOP for dinner last night.
On Mondays and Tuesdays they do "kids eat free" which makes it reasonably priced for our large family.

They always have very tasty food, not just the pancakes, so I've always enjoyed going ... but it's even better when it's "free" (my in-laws refused to let us pay anything).

Last night ... I noticed as we were walking in that they have an "All you can eat" special with their regular pancakes.  So I decided that I would challenge Ben (who is almost 10) to see who could eat the most.

It was a bad idea!

I'll spare you all the details, but here's how it went down:
 - After our first platter (with two eggs, four strips of bacon, and two large pancakes) we had to wait FOREVER for our second set of pancakes.  I believe that long wait was my undoing.
 - Ben wolfed down his "second set" (three even larger pancakes) in about 3 1/2 minutes, while I took my time and finished them in about 5 minutes.
 - Our third set arrived just as Ben finished his pancakes and he just dove right in.  I slowly ate the top pancake and decided it was time to throw in the towel.  Ben had finished about 2 pancakes worth (we had to guess because he hadn't eaten them one at a time.

Ben (@ the Denver Zoo)
This is like the face he made
when I told him he could stop
eating his pancakes.  He won!
It turned out to be a good idea to stop because Ben wasn't going to give up but his stomach was already killing him!  :)

Congrats on your one-pancake victory Ben!


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