Monday, October 17, 2011

Is that a HOLE in your suit ?


It was a hole ... in my swimsuit!

On the very first day of our swimming in Thermopolis, I noticed that my swimsuit had a smallish hole in the "you-know-where" area.  I pointed this out to Karen and we agreed that it was small enough to be patched with needle and thread once we got back to the hotel at lunchtime.

And so I kept swimming, cautiously, and mostly by myself.  Then, just sitting there in the hot tub, I simply moved a little (so my son could sit next to me) and I noticed that the hole had gotten larger.  It was now past the point of saving, so I did my best to hold it together and get Karen's attention to discuss our options.

In the midst of talking to Karen I reached down the side of the swim trunks to shift them over and cover the "open" area a little better ... and the stitching around the pocket just ripped another huge hole!  So now I had TWO large holes in the front and side of my swimsuit!

Fortunately there were reasonably priced swim trunks (in my size too) available near the front entrance of the pool building.  But I still felt bad for needing a new swimsuit.  That is, until Karen reminded me that I have been using this same set of swim trunks for over 5 years!  Between trips to Thermopolis and dozens of visits to the local pool, I realized I had gotten more than my money's worth from those torn up trunks.

Also fortunately, the remainder of the trip included
ZERO wardrobe malfunctions!  :)


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  1. Gee we need to have that conversation about modesty and appropriate attire?! Or should we all just start calling you "Flash" Case?! :p