Monday, October 24, 2011

Can I have my Garage back please ?

On Monday (my day off) this past week,
I took back my garage!

During the summertime (this was the first of what I am sure will be a pattern for many years to come) I let my children take over my half of the garage for their bikes, tricycles, toys, etc. by parking my car on the driveway every day.  I took advantage of the space too by keeping an extra set of golf clubs and the lawn care essentials (lawnmower, edger, fertilizer spreader, etc.) in the garage.

It is AMAZING how much space there is in a garage
when there's not a car in the way!  :)

After a few cold days and some snowy weather just about two weeks ago, I decided that summertime is officially over and I want to avoid scraping ice off my windshield at least on the drive to work each day.  So after I hung bicycles, etc. back in their winter storage places, the boys helped me clean and organize the rest of the garage.  Brooklyn helped sweep too, which was funny to watch with the wind blowing everything we swept right back in our faces!

In typical ME fashion, I neglected to take any BEFORE pictures, so you'll just have to trust me when I say it was overflowing with "stuff" that needed to be taken care of.  Below are the AFTER pictures, including some of the creative use of space I have found for storing all sorts of "stuff" we needed to keep.

I'm fairly proud of my garage, but mostly I am excited to be parking my car back inside again.  Bring on the snow and ice because it won't hurt me!  At least not in the mornings anyway!  :)

Karen likes it when we back the cars into the garage
because when we drive out she thinks it feels
like we're flying out on a roller coaster or airplane!


  1. Two of them are (the Batman and Superman) ... the others are Easter Egg baskets and Halloween baskets. They take up so much space ... but they're short enough to hang above the garage door when it's open! :)