Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Timeless Classic ?

I remember reading Calvin and Hobbes comics when I was just a trouble-making kid myself.  Now I have 6 trouble-making kids (not all of them all of the time, but ALL of them SOME of the time!) and the oldest three are getting a hoot out of reading this 10th Anniversary Edition book (which Josh Jr got from the school library).

I have ALL of the Calvin and Hobbes collection ... except this book.  So I have enjoyed reading about the artist's experiences related to creating, writing, and producing this classic cartoon.

I was sad when he decided to stop making new comic strips, but I am very glad that MY children are enjoying the humor of these comics.  I still side more with Calvin (especially regarding his crazy antics with Hobbes), but I understand the experience of his parents more now and find those cartoons even more amusing than ever before.  But my favorite are still the snowman comics!  I'll NEVER stop laughing at those!  :)

So my recommendation is that you bust out your old Calvin and Hobbes comic strip book collection and enjoy some family-friendly chuckles!  :)



  1. That's so cool - the snowman comics were my favorite of Calvin and Hobbes too!