Monday, October 31, 2011

Got any Halloween Costume ideas ?

Unless you've randomly stumbled on this blog and "don't know me from Adam" you are keenly aware that my family is 8 people strong.  There's me and my beautiful wife Karen ... and our 6 children!  (Josh Jr - 12, Ben - almost 10, Brooklyn - 8, Savannah - 6, Catalina - 4, and Myra - 16 months)

"She's a WITCH !!!"
(quote from Monty Python)

This family grouping and size makes for some interesting options if we all agreed to dress alike or with the same theme for Halloween.  So listed below are some of my personal favorite ideas for the Case 6-Pack +2 Halloween Costumes.  Please comment below or send me an e-mail with any other creative ideas.  We may not ever get to use all of them (there are only another 6 Halloweens before Josh Jr is at college or on a mission) but it's still fun to daydream about!

Halloween Costume Ideas for
the Case 6-pack (of kids) +2 adults:
 - Standard 8-pack of Crayola crayons
For the smaller kids we would make the costumes look like the crayons had either been broken in half or used so much they were worn down.  As the tallest member of our family (for now) I would be the white crayon since it never gets used!
 - Snow White and the 7 Dwarves
We'd probably have to do this in the "opposite world" way, where Myra would be Snow White and we'd all be GIANT dwarves.  I call Sleepy!  :)
 - A medium Pizza
Stick with me on this ... if our costumes were all about the same size we could lay on the ground with our feet together and it would actually look like a whole pizza!  Yeah, Karen didn't like the idea either.
 - A 6-pack of soda and 2 glasses
Of course Karen and I would be the two full-sized glasses, but it would be most fun to create the plastic circular connector thingamabob (if you know the proper name please comment it below!) that we'd slip each of the kids' soda-heads into.  Then they'd have to walk in unison together to go trick-or-treating!  :)
 - ROY G. BIV and a pot of gold
For those who don't know, Roy G Biv represents Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet.  That's right!  It's a rainbow ... and little Myra can be our pot of gold at the end!  :)

For now we're still going solo on our costumes, but hopefully this coming year we can coordinate and have some fun while doing so.  Let me know your ideas and maybe we'll use one!


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  1. calls thelm "6 Pack Rings" kind of a boring name, but there you go!