Monday, October 3, 2011

One or Two? Three or Four?

This morning, Karen and I had eye doctor appointments.  I remembered this as we were falling asleep in bed, after having just outlined how busy our day today was going to be.  These appointments threw everything into disarray, but so did Savannah having to stay home from school with her fever and cough.

Anyway, the first lady that was helping me (can't for the life of me remember her name) had me cracking up all throughout my appointment.  She was scanning my chart and just started laughing.  I asked why and she said "You answered the question 'How often do your change your contacts?' with the response 'When they hurt.'  That's just funny ... but it's not funny."  And then she kinda wagged her finger at me in a you-should-know-better kind of way.  A few minutes later, while she was doing some other eye test, my phone rang with my "I love daddy!" voice recording (it's Catalina saying that phrase and I set that as my text message alert sound).  She asked me what that was and I explained the above.  She chuckled.  Then I looked at the text and it was from ... Karen!  That was amusing because she was right there in the eye doctor's office with me (just a few doors down).  I read the text and then joked about how it was odd that she would text me from the other room, which took us down a conversation about how quickly pagers came and went.

A short while later, after Donna (the assistant doctor?) checked my contacts, this first lady said "Okay let's just move you in with Karen" to which I replied jokingly "I'm not sure if I'm ready for that kind of commitment."  She laughed and then suggested that I text her to see if she wants me to "move in" or if that was moving too fast.  We chuckled about it all the way to Karen's appointment room and then I recited the whole experience to Karen.

It made me think two things:
First, I just love it when people can enjoy themselves at work.  I don't care what your "job" is.  If you can smile and laugh and joke around with people while you're doing it, then that's a big WIN in my book.
Second, it reminded me of the stand-up comedy that Brian Regan does about eye doctor visits (which is the inspiration for this blog post title!)  I shared some of his material with that first lady and she wrote it down to youtube later because I was making her laugh so hard.

So here's a link to Brian Regan doing his eye doctor appointment routine.  I think it's hilarious, but beware!  Once you watch it, you'll never be able to look serious at an eye doctor appointment again!  :)


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  1. Brilliant post! Loved the jokes, the humor and the message behind it all. I'm sure you made it a fun day for the staff members at the eye doctor office!