Sunday, July 31, 2011

Who messed up the Sugar Bear ? AGAIN ?!

We have a unique sugar container in our house.

It is a glass bear with a metal twist top that has a tiny little spout for the sugar to be poured out.  Unfortunately, this tiny little hole gets clogged with sugar clumps very easily, especially if the lid gets wet.  I have cleaned it WAY too many times!

I like how it looks like he has a goatee in this picture (left).
And you can see the tiny sugar spout (on the right).

Today, while preparing to make my world famous pancakes, I grabbed the "sugar bear" and it was sticky all over!  The lid was sugared shut and it was evident that someone had been playing with him*
*(I am assuming "it" is a "him" but there are certainly no distinguishing characteristics that would keep this from being a female sugar bear ... except maybe the shadow "goatee").

After a fairly long amount of silence from all of the children ... Catalina, my 4 year old, came forward to admit it was her.
These are excerpts from the conversation that followed:

Cat:  I sowwy I touch you shooga beya.
     Me:  Why did you do it?
Cat:  I was yookeen for a stwawbewwy.
     Me:  (stifled laughter)  Did you find one?
Cat:  (sad face)  No!
     Me:  So what did you do then?
Cat:  I jes put it in my mouf ... an' suck on it.
     Me:  (laughing uncontrollably)
Cat:  Why you laffeen' ?!  Wha' so funnee ?!  I cute huh?!

Another "self portrait" from Cat !

That darn Cat has my number!  :)

I made her promise to come and ask me for help if she ever finds a strawberry and wants sugar on it.  I also made her promise not to touch my "shooga beya" anymore.  She's so darn cute!



  1. When I read this title I thought you were referring to my cereal Golden Crisp and the mascot - Sugar Bear!

  2. She's gonna be trouble! LOL!