Monday, July 11, 2011

How Did You Get Signed Up For That ?!

This past Friday (July 8th) was Day One of the Colorado Springs East Stake 11-year old Campout at the Youth Camp in Palmer Park.  This was our ward's second campout of the year (I blogged several picture posts from our first one back in June).  Regretfully, I did not take any pictures with the camera for this campout, so you'll have to read about it instead of just skim some pictures.

One of the "best" things about this
campsite was that there were
already bathroom facilities!
No latrine digging necessary!
 This campout was much easier (for Dave and myself anyway) because the Stake Primary Presidency was in charge of basically all of the food and activities.  Each ward was assigned one activity that they were responsible for, which works out well because then the "burden" is carried by all.  One of the wards either could not or chose not to attend, after they had agreed to complete one of the more planning-intensive activities: the 5-mile hike and orienteering course.

Because I arrived (with all four of our boys in the van) as one of the very first adult leaders, one of the Primary Presidency asked if I could help out with that.
I said "I suppose Dave and I could probably do that, if there isn't anyone else."
What she heard was "Yes!  Please oh please let me do this!  I'm so excited to wrangle 40 boys and adults on an unplanned hike through terrain I am largely unfamiliar with, even if the rains come rolling in and the boys are not interested in trekking anywhere!"  The title of this blog is the question Dave asked me when I advised him, via text, that we now had the closing flag ceremony AND the evening hike.

Our campground was approximately just to the left
of the big yellow splotch below the word "contours."
But, as with all good-hearted things that are "blessed" by the Lord, it turned out very good!  Dave ran off to get some "prizes" for our winners and we made the hike into more of a walkabout where the boys would head out, with their leaders, to identify as many different animals and/or plant varieties in the native area.  The team with the most total identified species would win the fun-size candy bar prizes.

Even better than the way this ended up being very easy to facilitate, was the really cool experience of having our four boys lead the education piece prior to the hiking excursion.  There were (coincidentally) four sections of "Safe Hiking" rules to review, so we assigned each boy one section before dinner and explained to them that they would need to educate their peers on their assigned section before we headed out on the hike.  It was so impressive to see how well each boy prepared for his assignment and even more impressive to see how well they spoke clearly and loudly when it came time for them to present.  One of the boys is usually quite shy and quiet, but even he spoke in a tone loud and clear enough for all to hear and understand.

I was so proud of the boys for stepping up in a pinch (even though they didn't know they were) and knocking one out of the park (no pun intended).  A fun hike event was had by all and the winning team identified over sixty plants, animals, and bugs!


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  1. I also hope you taught your boys that this sort of thing happens way too often. ;)