Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How wet will my seat be ?

I have a bad habit of leaving my window rolled down when I get to work each day.  This isn't an issue related to possible theft, etc. as my car is nothing anyone would ever try to steal.  And without 3rd gear they'd barely make it out of the parking lot before they just gave up.  The real issue is when it rains, or as happens in Colorado Springs, when it POURS!

Today we got one of those downpours, which I was very excited about.  I have blogged before about how much I love the rain.  I also LOVE the lightning and thunderstorms that often accompany a good, hard rain in this fair metropolis.  There's just something about that explosion of water, including the residual dampness of everything in sight, that makes me oddly very happy!

But I cannot remember exactly how FAR DOWN I left my window this morning ... and since the rain lasted for hours (not just the typical 20-30 minutes we usually see) anything more than a 1-2 inch opening is going to result in a super soggy commute tonight.  I normally don't mind a wet bottom (as compared with a scorching hot interior of the car if I didn't leave the window cracked open) on the car ride home ... but tonight is my nephew's first birthday party ... so I'm not driving straight home.  I'm headed to my brother-in-law's NEW house for the party ... most likely with a soggy bottom!

If it's too bad I'll have to be even later to the party because I'll have to stop by the house to change ... here's hoping the big SUV parked next to the driver's side of my car blocked most of the rain ... or that by some miracle I only left the window cracked open.  I doubt it.

Wish me luck!  :)


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  1. Update: My seat didn't SEEM very wet ... but it WAS !!! Soaked through my pants and underwear ... not good at all! :)