Monday, July 4, 2011

Is it "Time to make the Donuts" ?

On Sunday we made donuts again ... they are getting better with each batch but I am still waiting for them to be as light and airy as regular store bought donuts are.

Karen found a good recipe for a chocolate glaze, but it always comes out a little different.  This most recent batch of glaze was very thin but still delicious!

These are all that were left after everyone ate their fill.

Karen tells everyone that I make the donuts, but at best I do half of the work.  Karen starts and finishes the donuts and I do "the middle" stuff. She makes the dough (using her Kitchenaid Stand Mixer) and then sets it somewhere warm to rise.  I pick up the dough when it has risen and roll it out and cut the donuts and donut holes and set them somewhere to rise a second time.  After 30-60 minutes I pick them up and fry them in oil and set them on the rack to cool.  Once cooled, Karen dips them in the chocolate glaze (we have a sugar glaze recipe too but it's not as tasty IMHO) or coats them in the bag of cinnamon and sugar (never the donuts in that yet, just the donut holes).

Once perfected I am sure we'll be glad to share with anyone who is willing to come by and play some fun games and eat some yummy donuts.

Any takers ?!  :)


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  1. Those look really, really good. I have had homemade donuts before but I they usually have too much of an oil taste to them. Yours look professional!