Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What KIND of cake ?

Sometimes questions are funny and other times they are just plain stupid.  One question I asked this evening was the latter, but my blog title was the question that was more funny.

Brittany is on the right in the "crown"
It was her birthday after all !  :)

After cooking burgers, brats, and hot dogs this evening at the VGRA pool, I got into a conversation with my niece Brittany.  She's a really sweet young woman (going to be a junior in high school this coming year) and it is fun to see her growing up.  My earliest memories with her are from when she was just 2-3 years old and I remember how much I loved picking on her at that age (just like I have with all of my own kids).

As I grilled (pun intended!) her about her "boyfriend" she shared that he was going to college this fall.  I asked where and she said "WYO Tech.  In Wyoming."  And here's the just plain stupid question I asked afterward ... "Where is that?"  She looked at me puzzled and said "In Wyoming."  See what I mean?!  My question was ... Just.  Plain.  Stupid.  :)

A little while later, my sister-in-law Mandy was talking with Brittany (and me too, but more Brittany in this example) about the plan for the upcoming birthday party for Mandy's husband Rick.
Mandy said "We'll be having cake and ice cream."
          Brittany inquired "Will it be yummy cake?"
To which Mandy replied "Yes, it will be yummy."
     Then the FUNNY part happened ...
Mandy asked Brittany "What kind of cake would you like?"

Now YOU may not find that particular question funny ...
but here is why I laughed about it.

Before Brittany could respond* I jumped in and said "Yummy!  Weren't you listening?!  She already told you that!"  We then all enjoyed a laugh about it and I think it was Brittany who asked if she should write down "yummy" so Mandy would remember what kind of cake she wanted.  :)

*Follow-up.  I did eventually let Brittany answer Mandy's very fair question.  Apparently "yummy" cake is or can include german chocolate and/or lemon pound cake with a nice sweet glaze.  There may be others but I drifted off into a sugary daydream after hearing those suggestions.  :)


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  1. We've all had those moments when we ask stupid questions that have already been answered! Funny stuff!