Monday, July 11, 2011

How Is It Possible ?

This morning I finally got my permanent crown on at the dentist.  It was actually as good of an experience as I could possibly imagine having, even considering I had to have a filling done too.  But this blog isn't about that experience ... it's about what happened after I left the dentist today.

On the way home from the dentist I got a wild hair.  No, not one growing out of my clean(ish)-shaved scalp, but one of those ideas to do something seemingly out of the blue.  I decided it was time to clean my car.  No, it would be better to call it "detailing" because this was the most deep-cleaning my car has seen since ... well ... ever !

I'll spare you the details of the experience of cleaning every nook and cranny in my car.  What I wanted to share was the interesting paperwork and assorted items I found.  Among those things I located as I cleaned out everything in my car were the following (with what I found the most interesting saved for last):
 - A roll of Ace Bandage wrap (about 5 feet long).
 - A presidential dollar coin.
 - A green, size medium Fender guitar pick.
 - Three pencils (two unsharpened).
 - A pencil box filled with dry erase markers.
 - Three pens (all without caps).
 - A Snickers bar (which I delivered today to my sister Jaimee ... don't worry little sis, I got it brand new last Friday at work so it's not that old or anything!)
 - My cigarette lighter for the car (it's a 1997 Mercury Tracer so they still had those instead of auxiliary ports).
 - A bicycle owner's manual from Josh Jr Ben now Brooklyn's bike.
 - Directions to the Father's and Son's campout for Stetson Hills ward ... from August of 2006!
 - The original insurance ID cards for my car ... and one for the Trans Am !
 - A receipt for a burger at Conway's Red Top ... from May of  2005 !
 - Colorado Registration papers from random years, including 1998 (when I first registered my car!)
 - Two umbrellas.
 - Two window ice scrapers (one big, one very small).
 - A replacement light bulb for any of my four turn signals.
 - A business card for the guy who has moved my pool table ... twice.
 - And finally ... the most incredible find ...
every ... single ... oil change receipt ... since I bought my car!

I have no idea how it happened that I kept all of them.  It certainly wasn't planned.  Each time they change the oil (at Jiffy Lube, in case you were wondering) they present you with a pink sheet (carbon copy) with dot matrix printing that shows what you had done at the "shop" that day.  I just take them and fold them in fourths and place them in the lower compartment on the front passenger side door.  And there they have been collected every 3-4 months for the past 13+ years.  I know it's not like finding buried treasure or the Titanic or anything, but it was very interesting for me.

Maybe I should "deep clean" my car more often!  :)



  1. I am so glad that you didn't find anything living in your car.

  2. Holy Crap!! I can't believe you had all of that stuff in your car! And I can't believe that I had been riding with you when all of that stuff was in it!