Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Why do YOU go to baseball games ?

For scouts (11-year old Boy Scouts to be specific) this past Tuesday night, I had the brilliant idea to take the boys to a Sky Sox game.  It was not brilliant but it did turn out MUCH better than it could have considering my poor planning.

The Colorado Springs Sky Sox are the AAA affiliate of the Colorado Rockies.  This works well for the Major League team because they can send players just about an hour away for rehab stints, or to "get their game back on" if they are not quite ready for prime time yet.

I've always enjoyed attending baseball games, but I am not as much of a fan watching baseball (at any level) on TV.

Not a picture of us, but the group in
this picture just above the Kodak
sign are sitting right where we did!
I realized why that afternevening as we watched the first game of a doubleheader from the grass berm.  Because it was a doubleheader, all of the regular seats had been sold out (this was probably also due to the fact that it was $2 Tuesdays so parking and tickets were just $2).  Our only choice was to sit in the grass berm near left field (the visitor's side).  It was very cool to be so close to the action, but also because there was enough room to sprawl out and lay down or sit up if desired.

But I'm off track ... the reason I most enjoy games AT the ball park is because of the chance to get free stuff!  Not every time (but pretty darn close) someone in the group I am with comes away with a free t-shirt, or pizza, or best-of-all a foul ball!  Thursday afternevening TWO of the three scouts that attended the game both got something!

Josh Jr got a foul ball (tossed to him from a lady who had the ball tossed to her from the Sky Sox superfan - who was hilarious but not profane - who had the ball tossed to him from the 3rd base coach).  Long route from the pitcher's hand off the hitter's bat to my son ... but he was very happy!  :)

Austin McKamey chased down a t-shirt that had been fired from near home plate and landed just a few feet in front of me.  There was a growd of kids chasing the shirt but they all overestimated the distance and only Austin was fast enough to turn around and grab the shirt.

All in all the weather cooperated (clouds rolled in to cool the temperature down but we got no rain at all), the grass berm seats were much better for the kids that attended, and the price was very right!
We even got a free ticket from a nice gentleman who recognized the scout uniforms and gave us his extra ticket for the berm.

Great scout night activity!  :)


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