Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Where do these comments come from ?!

This evening I was doing a quick scroll over my Facebook News Feed, with Karen reading over my shoulder (because we had just finished watching last week's Leverage), and I just had to make comments on several posts.  They had Karen in stitches, but to me they just seemed like obvious, maybe a little witty, commentary.  Let me know what you think ... here they are:

From a Friend at work:
Her comment on Facebook:
Beef = iron.  Spinach = iron.  My new mainstays for awhile I guess.
Fortunately I like both
My comment on her post:
Beef + Spinach + Nothing Else = Need for Beano  :)  Good luck!

From my awesome sister:
Her comment on Facebook:
Chick-flick night over here.... been a long time since I've watched one and maybe now I'll find them so boring I'll actually fall asleep!!  :P
(A little explanation is needed here ... there were already 4 other comments and all of them said that they read it first as
"Chick-Fil-A" and not "chick-flick")
My comment on her post:
Mmmmm ... Chick-Fil-A ... yummy!  :)  Oh wait ... nevermind.

From an aquaintance / friend of my sister / running buddy of sorts:
Her comment on Facebook:
can't figure out how I walk in the door from a run and less than 2 minutes later someone is asking ME to peel an apple!!!  Seriously, what is the matter with asking the other adult in this house (who is home for once)!?
*sorry, just had to get that off my mind!!*
My comment on her post:
Probably a bad time to ask but can you make me a sandwich?

From the wife of a long-time basketball buddy:
Her comment on Facebook:
My teeth really suck. Anyone want to volunteer to pay for a complete set of molar implants?  That would really solve a lot of problems here.
My comment on her post:
Pretty sure Dracula has the same problem.
(I added the emphasis on the part of her comment that I am referring to in my comment ... in case you didn't get the joke).

So Karen (when she stopped laughing after my last comment) told me that I am hilarious and very quick-witted.  What say you loyal readers?  I'm not looking for compliments here ... just some general reaction as a sort of pulse check.
I just hoped to share a typical 10-minutes in the mind of TheOriginalJC ... :)


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  1. You are so wry and witty...or is that dry and ditty? No, seriously, you are awesome! I loved your comments! I can never think of a funny clever comment to post, so I am very jealous of your talent/skill!