Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ever Randomly Remember a Song ?

This happens to me often, probably because I love music so much.

I love how music can change your mood or help you feel any emotion more fully.

I love how music often transplants me to a different place and time.  Sometimes it is an event in my life that I had forgotten about.  Other times it is to a place I have never been but dream about going.

I love to think that my life has a movie soundtrack and that at any given moment there is a song that sums up the emotions and energy of whatever is being experienced, right THEN!

Here's a song that came to my mind, literally out of nowhere, about two weeks ago.  It has been on my mind at least once a day since then and I eventually found it on YouTube and added it to my "favorites" just so I could hear it any time I want!  For anyone who remembers this song, kudos to you!

I am not sure why this song popped into my memory, but I am very glad that it did because I still love the tune.  It makes me think about when I worked at McDonald's on 10th street in Greeley, Colorado during and after I graduated high school.  I drove "the Babemobile" which was a 1979 Toyota Corolla Hatchback ... until it became a "topless" car when my dad and I cut the top off of her one crazy Saturday!  I remember driving to and from work in that car (spray painted black with white pinstripes) and hearing this song on the radio.  I'd turn it up as loud as I could and drive around thinking about whatever girl I happened to have a crush on that week.  I never saw the movie that this was written for (Super Mario Brothers) but the song was popular enough that I heard it hundreds of times in those early 90s.  I hope you like it!


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  1. I do remember this song! Wow! You remembered so many cool things about life in Greeley, working at McDonald's on 10th street! Thanks for sharing!