Sunday, July 31, 2011

How can 4 "D's" become an "A" ?

In chronological order they are ...

Don Lockard talk @ church!


Delicious Dinner!


This afternoon we visited my in-law's ward (church) for my father-in-law's talk on Obedience.  It was a great talk (the other speaker was very good too on the same topic)!

When first mixed, this dough was
no bigger than a softball !

When we got home we finished our most recent batch of donuts (YUM!)  The dough raised for 2 hours, which made it triple (or quadruple) in size.  This led to the most light and airy donuts we have had so far.  And since Ben helped Karen stir the chocolate coating, it was just right (not too thin and not clumpy).  Mmmmmm!

Then we had Rick, Mandy, and their son Peter over for dinner.  We also had Grandma and Grandpa Lockard over too.  They brought garlic bread!  We still had plenty of the casserole I blogged about previously, so everyone ate their fill and it was just as delicious as before!

After prayers and bedtime for our kids we played some dominoes with the older Lockards (Rick and Mandy had to get home to put Peter in bed so we didn't get to hang out with them as much).  Penny (Grandma Lockard) destroyed us!  But to be fair, we played "Penny Up" so her name probably helped her dominate!

So ... 4 D's for the day = an A+ rating!  :)


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