Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Where is Point A ?

Start at Point A.

Take a right (out of the parking lot).

Take a right (into the roundabout).

Take the second right (out of the roundabout).

Take another right (at the stop sign).

Take a left (at the second stoplight).

Take another left (at the stoplight where the road ends).

Take a right (at the next stoplight).

Take a left (at the 5th stoplight).

Take a right (at the first stop sign, long after the only stoplight).

Take another right (at the second street).

Take a left (at the stop sign which comes up almost immediately).

Take another left (at the first street).

And finally, take an almost immediate left into a driveway.

Where are you ?!

My house!

Now the question is ... where did you start?!

First correct comment on this blog or on my Facebook post wins a free Snickers bar.  I'm totally serious too!  I'll even mail it to you if you're from out of town!  Happy guessing!  :)

Disclaimer:  Karen, you are exempt from this contest because you knew I was going to blog this!  :)


1 comment:

  1. You would think I would know where this started out, after having carpooled with you all of these times, but unfortunately I am completely lost, which is OK because I don't like Snickers anyway!