Saturday, July 30, 2011

Where does the time go ?

As I write this ... bedtime is fast approaching ... and it's almost Sunday, again ... and August is basically here ... and we're well past the year 2000.

My question is ... What Happened ?!

I remember on my LDS Mission in Los Angeles CA (back from Oct 1995 - Nov 1997), that I first heard someone utter the phrase "The days feel like weeks, but the weeks feel like days."  I had a limited understanding of that concept at that time and only a little moreso now.

There are instances in life when it feels things could ... not ... be ... moving ... at ... a ... slower ... pace.  Waiting in line.  Looking forward to the weekend (especially on a Monday morning!)  My personal favorite example is when you're younger and coming up on a particular birthday.  Turning 10 or 12 or 16 or 18 or 21 years old (especially for those who imbibe) is a landmark moment !  The day cannot get here fast enough!

And then, there is a moment (or many moments if we're being honest with ourselves) where you stop, look back, and wonder when life passed you by.  After years at school, you suddenly find yourself graduating.  You plod along at work and then realize you've been at the same place for a decade or more.
Or in my case today, you start a simple planning session for scout activities and, as you map out the next 8-10 weeks, you realize your oldest child is about to turn 12 years old!

Whoa!  Waitaminute!  How?  When?

But it was just yesterday that ...

Here is where you fill in the rest of your own story.  Take a moment.  Pause.  Reflect on where you are.  Consider where you've come from.  Think about your situation.  In life.  At work.  At home.  With your family.  It was just yesterday that ... and tomorrow you will do even more things, maybe greater things.

Time flies like the wind.
Fruit flies like bananas.
Think about it!  :)
A parting thought for my 200th blog of this year ... I'll turn 35 this September.  All at once everything is different and yet the same.  The memories I have made in just the past 5 years include some of the best of my entire life so far.
But what does the future hold?  I might not have even had any of what will be my personal Top Ten Experiences yet (once I am 70 and can look back with true hindsight and wisdom that only come from the passing of time).  A sobering thought, but also very, very intriguing.

Happy Reflecting!  :)


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  1. A very wise, thought-provoking post! I guess it is true that you gain more wisdom and insight as you get older!