Saturday, April 9, 2011

What are your favorite signs of Spring ?

I am one of those people who always claims that the next upcoming season is my "favorite" season.

But it's true!

I love the changing of the seasons ...

 - When Winter drags on and cold weather keeps us all stuck in our houses, how can you not be excited that Spring is just around the corner?
 - When Spring has sprung you eventually just want consistent warm weather so you can hit the pool and ... lo and behold ... here comes Summer!
 - The "dog days" of Summer and it's relentless HEAT would make anyone excited for those cool Fall evenings and the beauty of the color changes in the leaves, etc.
 - And if it is going to be mostly cold anyway, why don't we get some snow to go sledding on?  Bam!  Here's Winter right on time!

So since Spring is my current favorite season,
I thought I would share a few of my favorite signs of Spring:

 - The buds on the trees.  Seeing everything come "back to life" is fun again every year!  Blades of grass sprouting and flowers awakening from their hibernation just inspire me beyond words.
 - Easter Candy.  I know my brother Jeremy and my cousin Matt love those Cadbury Creme Eggs (and will crave one as soon as they read this!) but I am partial to Sweettarts, especially the "Chicks, Ducks, and Bunnies" that seem to only be available this time of year.
 - The smell of fresh cut grass.  This is also fantastic in the Summer, but it always reminds me of Spring.
 - Opening Day for MLB.  I've only attended one "opening day" game that I can remember, but baseball is essential fun for Springtime, especially in the ROCKIES !!!
 - Spring Break.  Kind of obvious I know, but as a parent and not a student, this time of year is exciting for different reasons.  Now it usually comes with a fun, family vacation!
 - Golf coupons in the mail.  (And golf on TV ... see: The Masters).  I'm not a huge fan of golf, but I do enjoy watching it on tv (at least the major tournaments anyway).  I also really enjoy playing golf.  I hope to be going in the next few weeks with a buddy from work ... and the first round of the season is always a blast!
 - General Conference.  For my non-Mormon readers, this is a semi-annual event that occurs in April and October each year.  We are able to hear from the Prophet and Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, as well as other speakers as assigned.  The conference is broadcast all over the world and includes five 2-hour sessions over two days.  It is always inspirational and faith promoting to hear talks about our Savior Jesus Christ and how we can better follow His example in this ever-changing world.
 - Daylight Savings Time.  Some people hate this change, but it is always a sign of Spring that gets me in the mood for the season.  I am not an early riser but during the Spring and Summer months I am much more excited to wake up and get going on the day.  The sun is there to greet me and it just makes me feel happy!

So what are your favorite signs of Spring?  And is it not you favorite season?!  For now anyway?!  :)



  1. Awesome post! You definitely had me feeling "spring fever" with this! One of my favorite signs of spring is when the summer movie trailers start appearing on TV, which of course gets me all excited for summer!

  2. I forgot to comment on this one earlier. SweetTarts are my second favorite easter candy. My tongue gets a ton of kankers from eating a whole bag.