Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What's on my To Do List for today ?

Quick and easy blog for me here ... you'll see why if you keep reading.

Today is my first day off this week (I'm off tomorrow as well, but that day is all booked up with Josh Jr's "Battle of the Books" regional competition).  And there is (as always) a TON of stuff on my to do list.  I'll likely only get half of this stuff done, but here it is for your reading pleasure (and maybe I'll add a comment at the end of the day to let you know how I fared):
 - Get the first set of kids (Josh Jr, Ben, and Brooklyn) out the door on time for school.
 - Get the second set of kids (Savannah and catalina) dropped off @ preschool on time.
 - Call Auto Zone to see if they test alternators for functionality.  Then do these next two or three items if the answer is yes.
      - Pull alternator out of my car (to be taken in and tested).
      - Drop off alternator to be tested.
      - Replace new alternator -or- determine time to take car to Bear Auto.
 - Finish my turn in all 6 online Scrabble games I have going right now.
 - Write and post at least 4 blogs (to "catch up" for the week).
 - Take my Pretty Lady out to lunch (something fast food 'cause there's not much time).
 - Go Bowling with my siblings (and hopefully my Pretty Lady too!)
 - Deliver at least half of the DVDs for my team at work (to their home addresses).
 - Feed my Zoo animals on Facebook (they're very sad and hungry).
 - Go to dinner @ the in-law's house.
 - Send scathing text or e-mail to all the basketball guys who didn't show up last night!
 - Send e-mail out to 11-year old scout parents about our need to reschedule the May campout.

There will obviously be other things added to that list, but it's a full day already so I'm gonna get started on another item on that list.  Wish me luck!



  1. Wow! Quite the "to do list" there! I feel like such a slacker, because my list consists of: writing blog posts, doing, sleeping, eating, um...did I mention laundry already?

  2. Hey I never got that email about 11 year old scouts... :)