Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Did we really just "Host" 4 days in a Row ?

On Sunday, 4/17 the streak was broken.  It began with no real planning and was never really intended to happen.  It just worked out that way.  Through a series of somewhat random events, we found ourselves hosting dinner and games, or just games, or just dinner, with four different groups of people over four consecutive days.  And it would have been 5 in a row or more if we had actually intended on setting some sort of personal record or something!

On Wednesday, 4/13, we stole Karen's parents' thunder by making them come to our house for dinner (after they had invited us over to their place).  Truth be told, I really wanted hamburgers and hot dogs from my awesome charcoal grill (which was a gift from my in-laws) so that's why we declined their invite and, in turn, told them to come over here.  We didn't have time to play any games, but in addition to Karen's parents, we were also able to have the following other family members over: her brother and sister-in-law, her sister, another sister-in-law and her newborn son (her husband was @ school), and our teenage niece and nephew.  It was super crazy, super loud, and also super fun to have so many people over mostly "on the fly."  I also got to have a very good chat with my niece and I hope it helped her out because it sure made my day nicer!

On Thursday, 4/14, my buddy Craig and his two boys came over to hang out.  Craig and I played some pool and some Wii.  Then later, after Domino's pizza for dinner, his friends (who hopefully will become our friends) Paul and Krista came by to play some Dominion.  It was very fun and great to get to meet this newlywed couple who are expecting their first child later this year.

The Campanella's
 - Our Best Friends!
 On Friday, 4/15, our good friends Mindy and Tony came by with their kids.  We had dinner (the salad was soooooo good ... which worked out nicely because the main course ran out even though Karen made a HUGE double-batch!) and then played some Dominion.  They are such great friends and we love having them over.  Tony has to go back to Guam for work in a few weeks so we're trying to get together as much as we can with them before he goes.  Maybe we can sneak a round of golf in!  :)

Kevin ...
in Japan
 On Saturday, 4/16, we got to have the Amsdens over.  What a treat!  And not just the Scotch-a-roos she made for dessert.  Yum!  The Amsdens have 5 kids and they're all very close to our kids' ages.  Even better, all of our kids seem to get along pretty well.  Amy, the mom, is so fun and full of energy that it is hard not to enjoy yourself while eating, chatting, playing games with her.  Their dad (Amy's husband) is on assignment in Japan right now, so we're excited for when he gets home and we can hang out with him too!  Funny story ... he usually calls home to talk to Any and the kids, but they weren't there.  So that night he called Amy's cell phone.  She didn't answer.  So he called my wife's cell phone ... and she didn't answer.  So finally he called my cell phone and even though I didn't recognize the number I went ahead and picked up.  His reply when I answered was slightly delayed and he said "Konichiwa this is Kevin."  It sounded like a recording and I almost hung up on him because of it.  Luckily I said "What?!" and when he said it again I recognized his voice and the foreign greeting.  We chatted briefly and then I handed the phone to Amy.

Anyway ... Sunday rolled around and without thinking about how we had already had people over for the last four evenings, Karen and I reached out to several family members and friends.  No one could come over at such short notice and on a school night no less, so the streak ended.  I am still glad for all the fun we had over those days ... but I am a competitive person so you can bet I'll try to break that streak, especially when the summer comes and we don't have to worry about "school nights" and such.  I'm thinking 7 days straight is a very realistic goal!  Get ready to be invited over and you can forever be a part of the new record!  :)



  1. Allrighty then, I'm waiting for my invite! I'd love to be a part of your new record (and I'd love to play Dominion again!)

  2. Ok if we are doing seven nights strait then you have to cook at least three of those nights :)

  3. Dude! Kevin just played Dominion and loved it... just ordered it off of Amazon. How about Josh cooks three nights and I cook four? Thanks again for having us over. It was great!