Saturday, April 23, 2011

To Shave or Not To Shave ?

This is not another question about my beard like in this blog, but is rather a question about the hair on top of my head.

Several years ago, as the summertime approached, I did something very rebellious which I had considered doing for a long time.  I shaved my head.  Clean off.  Took the clippers and with no blade or extension proceeded to eliminate any remnants of hair on my dome.  I spent another 30 minutes using my electric shaver to trim the rest of the stubble until my head was as smooth as it has been since the day I was born.

Not the "first" time I shaved, but the most recent time.
(I'm holding my youngest daughter Myra)
 Off and on throughout the last 4 or 5 years I have shaved my head.  In between these "no hair" looks have come a variety of other looks, including the longest hair I have ever had, which looked really cool after adding curls to it.

Ultimately, I end up going back to the "bald" look for several reasons:
#1.  It is soooo easy to maintain!
#2.  It is a good way to save money on shampoo (this is NOT a real reason!)
#3.  It is comfortable, especially in the summertime!
#4.  It is one of many "looks" that works for me.
#5.  It is ... something different.

I've always done different things with my hair.

I have had bowl cuts (mostly when I was much younger), buzz cuts (one terrible summer in middle school), and parted down the middle cuts.

I have worn a reverse mullet (long on top but shaved short or off on the sides and back), grown out a tail (that was a horrible idea!), slicked back (with and without gel), and grown it out long (at least two separate times I was able to pull it back into a small ponytail).

This was during one of the "long hair" phases.
I just LOVED the curls!  :)
(That's Savannah on my lap!  Soooo cute!)

I have dyed my hair at least twice (red, which didn't take too well; and jet black, which only stayed for about 3 days) and have bleached the tips and/or the whole thing (including my long goatee / facial hair) at least twice.

I have worn for many years a traditional "Mormon Missionary" hairstyle, with short sides and back, neatly trimmed neckline, and parted on one side but still very short overall.
My normal hairstyle with "The Naturals"
Jordan, Jaimee, ME, and Jeremy
I think the main reason I have changed my hairstyle so much is that I haven't found one "look" that I really love.  For different reasons, each of these hairstyles appealed to me at the time I was wearing it.  Some have been forced upon me (childhood and missionary styles), but I liked those looks.  Some have been just to be crazy (the long curly hair and first time shaved head style).  But most have just been an attempt to try something different.  I figure, while I have hair, I should try out new things until something sticks.  Or maybe that is to be my lot in this hairy life ... to always wear a different style.

So come on readers ... chime on in!  I've included a few of the pictures I have of these different looks.  Which one should I gravitate to next?  Right now I am very strongly leaning toward the clean-shaven look again ... but I'm open to suggestions and requests (as long as Karen approves it!)

Thanks for your comments!



  1. The fact that you can shave all of your hair off and have it all grow back, like, a month later has me partial to this hairstyle for you. Oh, and because you can do this I hate you. Just kidding...kind of.

  2. I think grow it long and go curly again... You know Brooklyn and I are growing our hair out :)

  3. My current look has been forced on me and I don't like it.

    Why would someone choose to be bald? ;)