Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What's your Favorite Soda ?

I am not addicted to soda, but I do love to drink it often.  I like many different kinds of soda and, like people pair wines with their food, I fancy myself a connoisseur of sodas, being able to pair the perfect one with different meals, settings, etc.

For instance, root beer (especially "Dad's" brand!) is basically the perfect soda for pizza.  Sprite (or any lemon-lime soda) is a great match for pasta dishes.  And some sodas are really just best by themselves, like Welchs Grape Soda, Mountain Dew, or my current favorite soda ... Wild Cherry Pepsi.  Mmmm!

One thing you should try (besides Wild Cherry Pepsi ... yum!) is the Sonic Happy Hour drink specials.  Between 2-4pm every day their drinks and slushes are half-priced, which makes it very inexpensive to try many different combinations.  I've become partial to Sprite with Watermelon flavoring added, but there are literally thousands of other possible combinations.  Root Beer with Vanilla is good.  My wife is partial to Dr. Pepper with Cherry and Vanilla added.  Their Powerade Slush is very tasty too.

So what's your favorite soda?  I'd love to hear and try it out myself some time!



  1. I had heard about that cool deal at Sonic - I'll have to head there and get myself a grape slushee! Awesome drink choices: my favorite is still a tie between Vanilla Coke and Pepsi Throwback!

  2. I am a Diet Barqs girl. :) Reading your post made me think of this sticker they have on the fountain at Burger King. It has 'suggested pairings' for example- Diet Coke is great paired with a Chicken Sandwich! Made me laugh!!!

  3. Oh I know that I am addicted to soda! I am a Mountain Dew fan (I have one after I put Logan down for the night) but one of my new loves that I discovered is Vernon's Ginger Ale. Unfortunately it is more pricey than normal soda.