Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Are YOU like a Dog ?

Last night as a crawled into bed to enjoy some restful sleep after a long day I realized that at bedtime I am very much like a dog.  I've never had a dog as a pet (I am allergic to almost all animals so birds and fish have really been all the pets I've ever had ... except for our "miniature" pot-bellied pig ... but that's a story for another blog) but I am familiar with routines that all dogs seem to have, especially at the end of the day.

So here's what made me think such a crazy thing ...
First, I always get a drink of water before "turning in" for the night.
Second, I always use the bathroom before going to bed.
Third, when I do climb into bed, I have a certain way I have to adjust my pillow and lay my head on my arm and (if Karen is there) put my other arm around her or (if Karen is not there and so I'm alone) rest my arm at my side, etc.

I have noticed this same routine with at least three different canines (at my in-law's house, at a friend's house, and at an extended family member's house with their "little yapper" dog) when the evening comes and they get tired and ready for bed.  The order is sometimes a little different, but there is always some combination of getting a drink, taking an "outside" break, and prepping the bed to lay down on.

So is it just me or are others out there wondering if they are dog-like?

Stay tuned for Part Two of this blog because I'll eventually convince all of you that you're very similar to Man's Best Friend in at least a couple of ways!  My brother Jeremy already knows what's coming because I chatted with him about it on the way in to work today!  :)


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